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5 Ways Companies Can Treat Your Temp Agency’s Temps during the Holidays.

Posted on Dec 16, 2019

The busy holidays are upon us, and temporary employees will play a vital role helping companies meet the demands of the holiday season.  Temps work on long-term assignments through the temporary staffing agency, lasting longer than the client initially thought would be required.  A temp agency should understand worker compliance issues such as co-employment and advise its clients to refrain from inviting their temps to participate in various company holiday events.

1. The Office Holiday Party

Companies view the holidays as an office get-together time, sometimes inside or outside of the office.  A temp agency recommends that its clients not invite its employees to the holiday parties.  After all, the temp agency is the employee’s employer of record.  A temp agency is retained for it’s professional staffing services. Let the agency provide the work for hire services. We’re not good at providing socialites or party goer “stand ins.”

2. The Company Holiday Luncheon

Many companies reserve department luncheons outside of the office, at a restaurant or catering hall.  Such a task requires transporting the temp ‘to and from’ a venue in a car – either in the company’s employee vehicle or the temp’s own car.  Adding alcohol to the mix serves as an opportunity for a car accident.  Even if a luncheon is held inside the company’s boardroom or cafeteria, injuries from hot spills of foods and beverages by servers can occur.  Accidents not only cost the temp agency, but why share the legal liability. Instead, treat your temp to free holiday lunch in their cubicle!

3. The Office Holiday Grab Bag Gift Exchange

While exchanging gifts is a nice way to show your appreciation to coworkers during the holiday season, it can make a temporary employee feel awkward, especially if they don’t know company employees that well or their finances are already stretched to the limit.  Don’t feel bad excluding temps because they’ll breathe a sigh of relief and not feel pressured to participate.  Instead, the temp agency suggests your company conceive its own discreet Secret Santa, or, better yet, a recipe card of pics and instructions, tossed into a bin to share and try out at home.  Who knew sitting at the next desk could be a covert chef that can concoct a decadent dish for all to share!  Yumm!

4. Public Acknowledgement by the Company

A temp agency can request its client to provide a few achievements of the temporary employee during the holidays for recognition on the staffing agency’s website or Facebook page (the temp’s official employer of record).  Showing appreciation is a nice way for a company to treat a temporary employee during the holidays.  Everyone needs a positive boost now and then!

5. Company Thank You Letter

A temp agency may ask its client to write a simple personalized “Thank You” letter to the temporary employee during the holidays for the work and progress in supporting the company’s bottom line.  The note should offer positive and constructive comments, reiterate the company mission, and give the name of an employee to turn to with any on-the-job questions or concerns.  Gratitude!

There is more than one way to thank a temporary employee during the holiday season. While holiday parties are usually the common outlet for employee appreciation during the holidays, utilizing a personal “thank you” approach can make the difference and keep your company in compliance with the temp agency.