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Surgical Scheduler

Medical Secretary
Paramus, New Jersey
  • Added - August-09-2019
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Surgery Scheduler – Job Description                                                   

Day to day knowledge: Know how many surgeries are booked for each given surgeon when asked. Know your patient load that are booked and need to be booked. Efficiency, productivity, communication, capturing opportunity, and being organized are key in this role.

Scheduling: Communicate with the facilities to work in potential surgeries. Send sheets/pre-op clearance pre-certs ASAP. Work closely with the legal department, Pre-Cert department, and clinical department as they task you up and coming procedures/surgeries. There should be no more than a 3 day lag time.

NextGen Practice management and EHR  .

Prepare: Read the pre-op clearances as they come in. Understand the potential of a cancelation based on the pre-op clearance. This will keep us ahead of the game. At this point you will then follow up with the patient and or the attorney same day.

Relationships: Coordinate with ASC’s and hospitals to obtain time in the OR.

  1. and Follow-up: Adhere to the processes created to follow up on surgeries that have not been scheduled, been cancelled, or have failed medical clearances. On a daily basis look at the potential cases.

Problem Solving: Be aware of the needs of the practice, communicate any gaps in good patient/vendor service. Communicate professionally and take the next steps to correct any barriers.

Reconciliation: At the end of the day all items of concern need to be addressed. All patient appointments must be checked. All appointments must be checked in and set up for billing. Transportation in place. Clearances and paperwork sent to appropriate facilities. Physicians advised of any changes or concerns.

Communication: All phone and email communication needs to be done from our phone system and our computer. Professionalism is expected at all times. Please refer any situations that are not in your control to your lead or management.

Knowledge: Must possess Medical secretarial skills, knowledge of precertification, benefits, and eligibility of Insurance, HIPAA, PIP, WC, Microsoft, EHR, and PM Systems, Empathy for patients, excellent phone skills with all Patients, Attorneys, Surgical Facilities, and Hospitals. Understanding of the legal end of No Fault. Understanding of Medical Pre-Op clearances.


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