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How companies partner with Accounting staffing agencies.

Posted on Apr 19, 2019

With Tax Season approaching, job seekers begin to look for changes, maybe even a new career.  An HR Generalist who has SAP, payroll reporting, and corporate budget and benefits monitoring, may express interest in utilizing these additional skills to land a finance or accounting role.  They discover that an Accounting Staffing Agency will help explore these job possibilities.  This may come after the candidate unsuccessfully posted a résumé, then waited… with little or no result of an interview or an offer.  Quickly they begin to value the communication and job knowledge that an Accounting Staffing Agency Recruiter provides, along with the anticipation of a position.

Clients come to an Accounting Staffing Agency, especially during the low unemployment and available talent shortage, for their expertise in sourcing and contact with a multitude of screened, skilled, and specialized talent, from entry level with little or no work experience, to director level.

According to the American Staffing Association, “more than three million temp/contract employees work for staffing companies in a single week. Temporary staff has become far more acceptable – and that includes accounting work.  From internal auditing projects and new compliance regulations to sudden budget changes or business mergers, there is frequent need these days for complex temp working in accounting and finance. Current third party firms are having trouble meeting the demand, and the need for temporary and contract work is high. Explore how temp hires could help you meet your company goals”.

With the changing demographics of a new generation of work-life balanced employee, Accounting Staffing Agencies need to highlight the successes and dynamic growth of the up and coming company, in order to pique the interest and attract a motivated individual.  A good Accounting Staffing Agency speaks with the CFO and Finance Department in order to understand the financial growth, future, and objective of the company, then relays it to the candidate.  This exchange fosters trust to someone who is ready to invest time and energy into a company that won’t soon downsize, relocate its accounting department, or close its doors…

Accounting Staffing Agencies must develop knowledge of financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as SAP, the intelligent financial management reporting and accounting unified system, which is now widely required for reconciliations and to close process accounting, enabling an integrated environment.  It is also imperative to understand business intelligence, as (BI) Oracle Hyperion and Cognos, which help manage companies’ financial forecasting, reporting, and data analysis.

Lastly, Accounting Staffing Agencies need to continuously build their own network of accounting and finance professionals and remain actively and connected on sites such as LinkedIn.

Accounting Staffing Agencies typically staff professionals with these skill sets with an Accounting Degree or Certificate.  Examples of these job titles are:

  • Bookkeeper with QuickBooks and SAP
  • AP and AR Clerks
  • Payroll and Cost Accountants
  • Administrative Finance
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Analytics
  • SAP

To further their role, after completing formal Bachelor in Accounting or Graduate Degree in Business Administration, the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Training Program offers execution of additional analytical and researching rules and regulations tasks, in large firms or small with private clients, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Auditing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to strong demand for accountants and auditors.  In general, employment growth of accountants and auditors is expected to be closely tied to the health of the overall economy.  As the economy grows, more workers should be needed to prepare and examine financial records”.