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Many clients consider Uniforce as their top temp staffing agency providing immediate 

solutions for workforce needs that’s fluid in nature.

Small, medium and large companies alike experience situations where temporary flexible staffing is the most logical, convenient and economical option.

Temp staffing can be as brief as a single day, a couple weeks, or morph into a transitional option that leads to full-time employment or ongoing contract work. This is why flexible is our middle name. Okay, it’s really Burton, but we prefer Flexible.

Flexibility works both ways.

Uniforce has a wealth of employees for whom temp staffing is an optimal solution as well. Some of our most talented employees prefer temp staffing because it’s the best fit for their current situation. For example, we frequently place temporary staff that fall into the following situational categories:

  • Professionals moving toward a new career.
  • Ambitious students, including those on break or 
newly graduated.
  • Experienced retirees choosing to remain active.
  • Homemakers supplementing family income.
  • Project workers between assignments, including 
performing artists.

Nights, weekends and seasonal staffing.

Temp staffing may include evenings and weekends. For clients and employees alike, temp work can be a comfortable way to try out a new workplace position with potential to grow into a something more, like temp-to-hire engagement.

For seasonal businesses, like accounting and retail, temp work is critical. The same is true with project-oriented industries, like IT and engineering, where workforce needs expand and contract within the nature of such industries.

If you’re a client seeking a temporary flexible staffing, let’s find you the right temp employee.

If you’re a sincere motivated individual seeking temporary work, let’s put you in touch with a member of our workforce management team.

Uniforce is a flexible staffing agency specializing in temp solutions for:

  • Human Resources
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Medical and scientific labs
  • Medical office support
  • Medical clinical support
  • Office services
  • Specialized services, including sales, marketing and various others

Complying with your rules.

Understanding the policies, regulations and rules that pertain to your office and your industry extend beyond your full-time employees. When you request a temp from Uniforce, you can be confident that compliance is part of the picture. Temporary employees, like other staff members, are hired with the expectation of compliance.

Medical office and clinical temps adhere to HIPAA-compliant guidelines. Paralegal and legal assistant temps can be expected to have the experience, certification and degrees required by the positions they fill, and are prepared to comply with the guidance set forth by your legal office. Likewise, the HR temps understand such issues as ACA- and payroll-compliance, and the experienced temp employees serving our accounting and finance clients are familiar with the applicable guidelines and regulations that govern these industries.

Uniforce has you covered, so go ahead and request a temp.

If you’re an individual seeking a temporary employment opportunity, let’s connect.