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Third Party Payroll Solutions

Third party payroll offers an intelligent workforce strategy for Uniforce clients to address any number of exciting business opportunities.

Testing the viability of a new project or expansion initiative, tapping the talents of a scalable pool of remote workers, or supplementing internal staff while a spike in business is being assessed for sustainability. These are just a few of the many situations where a contingent workforce with a third party payroll solution may prove optimal.

Our staffing philosophy is that the situational analysis and determination of need come before the solution. We are staffing solution agnostic. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your organization is staffed for optimal success

A unique solution for your unique challenges.

  • A corporate headcount freeze is in place, but your department is profitable and growing. Uniforce third party staffing solutions helps you maintain growth and corporate compliance. Your company can on board new employees without ever having to put them on your payroll. Let Uniforce handle the W-2 Employer relationship.
  • Multi-state payroll and compliance challenges may hamper your company and slow progress, as additional resources are expended to address different state laws and regulations. Uniforce provides a singular outsourced staffing option with a simplified solution by becoming the employer for the new hire in the newly set up state.

Workforce Compliance Trends

  • Your risk averse company is concerned about remote worker compliance, and for good reason. It’s not uncommon that companies who rely on remote workers are held responsible by taxing authorities and regulators when those individuals lack compliance. Let Uniforce manage compliance of this skilled and highly scalable workforce solution for you by becoming the licensed W-2 employer for that remote employee.
  • Your growing company needs to add workforce in order to sustain growth, but the costs associated with ACA compliance threaten your ability to remain profitable, and you are approaching a critical staffing threshold. Uniforce has the third party payroll solution. Let Uniforce become the employer of record. Our company has the scalability to offer ACA compliant major health benefits to those much needed employees. Your employees are happy and you can grow accordingly.

Temp-to-hire staffing strategy. Grow as you go.

Any good carpenter will tell, “measure twice, cut once.” The same is true with taking on business growth strategies that are unproven. One of the best ways to reduce the risks associated with new initiatives is to put in place staffing budget controls. Uniforce will provide a third party payroll solution that fits your budget, with no surprises.

Like beginning any new projects, adding a new employee, whether brought in as a temp or a direct hire, is an experiment in team chemistry. Even with diligent vetting, in certain situations, work performance can be extremely challenging to predict until an employee begins interacting with others and taking on tasks. For this reason, many Uniforce clients embrace third party payroll solutions. Our third party payroll solutions include great flexibility, allowing your company to try candidates in a variety of roles, including part-time and full-time staffing. Best of all, when you find a proven, indispensable team player, your company may extend an employment offer, to add the individual to your internal payroll, for a potential long-term position with company benefits at no conversion fee.

  • Evaluate new hires before you extend the full time staff offer. Let Uniforce handle the W-2 Employer relationship as a temp-to-hire. You find the employee and Uniforce puts them on our payroll.
  • Recall experienced retirees. What do you do when an employee wants to retire, collect retirement funds, and return to work Part-Time? Employees cannot withdraw their Pension/401k retirement until they resign. Bring those specialized workers back on Uniforce’s payroll. Same employee. New employer. Good to go.
  • Why spend the time and money on boarding Summer Interns and Part-Time employees as in-house employees? Human Resources doesn’t need the headache of maintaining an employee census that has a seasonal workforce. Let Uniforce handle the reporting and the W-2 Employer relationship for the Interns and Part-Timers. Your company handles the full time staff.

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