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Staffing Specialties

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Uniforce specializes in staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and companies, from healthcare, human relations and administrative support to accounting, finance, IT, marketing and sales.

We are a leader in the sourcing and staffing of top tier administrative support workforce solutions. In today’s busy working environment, virtually every office stands to gain efficiency and productivity with the addition of an organized team player capable of supporting the administrative staff. Popular administrative support roles and titles include: administrative assistant, customer service, data entry, receptionist, clerical support or marketing assistant.
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Most businesses experience seasonal and growth-related events that impact workloads for bookkeeping, credit, collecting and tax accounting staff. Uniforce offers cost-effective flexible staffing options to ensure that your finance and accounting responsibilities are met without waste or undue stress.
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Many companies appropriately consider the HR department to be the heart, soul or nerve center of their business. Regardless of the metaphor you use to describe human resources, it’s undeniable that professionalism and experience are sorely needed in such a workplace hub. Uniforce understands that you need quality HR role players, many of whom wear a variety of hats, whether your company has tens, hundreds or thousands of employees.
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Like all things clinical, there’s a science to being one of the nation’s most trusted healthcare staffing agencies. Trust comes from the knowing that Uniforce focuses on matching our clients with certified healthcare professionals who understand that compliance to the laws, regulations and best practices that govern the healthcare industry are priority number one.
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The surest way to maximize the value of your healthcare business is to match the prowess of your clinical healthcare team with professional front office staff. Hire the best medical billers, receptionists, patient schedulers, insurance verification specialists and medical records professionals and your practice is positioned to deliver an exceptional patient experience.
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As the IT staffing needs of our clients continue to evolve, Uniforce is committed to broadening the base of our techie talent pool. For decades, we’ve been staffing help desk analysts and help desk support staff, developers and system engineers. Being one of the nation’s most trusted information technology staffing agencies, Uniforce supports every facet of IT - from multi-platform support of operating systems and applications to cyber security initiatives that protect networks and data from dangerous breach and virus infiltration.
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