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Workforce Solutions

1099 misclassification

Uniforce is much more than a provider of one-size-fits-all staffing solutions.

Every one of our clients has a unique business, a growing list of management goals, a fluid workforce, compliance concerns and budgets to which they must adhere. Our role is to offer the most cost-efficient and productive workforce solutions available for their unique set of parameters. Fortunately, with over three decades of experience in flexible workforce solutions, we are prepared for anything.

Our staffing philosophy is that the situational analysis and determination of need come before the solution. We are staffing solution agnostic. Uniforce offers Third Party Payroll Solutions and 1099 Independent Contractor Compliance. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your organization is staffed for optimal success.

Third Party Payroll Solutions

Our workforce solutions are driven by need. Third Party Payroll Solutions sometimes known as “Payrolling Services” are an excellent consolidation solution for companies who are dealing with the compliance issues that arise from operating in multiple states, each with varying legal and regulatory Requirements. It also may prove beneficial for companies or departments dealing with headcount freeze compliance or strict staffing budget controls.

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Independent Contractor Compliance

Clients also turn to Uniforce to ensure compliance when tapping into independent contractors for a workforce solution. Whether our client requires a proactive independent contractor compliance audit / assessment, or we provide workforce consulting, Uniforce has the experience to help companies manage 1099 Independent Contractor compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines that will reduce the liability that accompanies working with 1099 independent contractors.

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