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Information Technology

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As the IT staffing needs of our clients continue to evolve, Uniforce is committed to broadening the base of our techie talent pool.

For decades, we’ve been staffing help desk analysts and help desk support staff, developers and system engineers. Being one of the nation’s most trusted information technology staffing agencies, Uniforce supports every facet of IT – from multi-platform support of operating systems and applications to cyber security initiatives that protect networks and data from dangerous breach and virus infiltration.

Legal, regulatory and business rule compliance is paramount.

One reason legal, medical, accounting and finance offices turn to Uniforce for their IT staffing needs is that we speak your language when it comes to concerns with compliance. Because systems support the processes and workflows that promote adherence to the rules that are most critical to your business, it’s imperative that the IT pros you depend on – whether they full time employees, temps or independent contractors – must embrace the unique compliance needs of your organization.

Regardless of the techie role your company needs to fill, you can count on Uniforce to provide qualified candidates who are knowledgeable about compliance – whether we’re talking about HIPAA compliance, PCI Compliance or Sarbanes Oxley Compliance (SOX). Likewise, we know how important it is that the IT professionals you hire are able and willing to comply with the business rules that are unique to your industry segment or organization. Rest assured that what’s important to you is what’s important to Uniforce.

Help desk staffing promotes business productivity.

If your business is like most, help desk analysts and technicians are supporting employees in every department. At this very moment, some are connecting to applications via desktop or laptop, while others are accessing systems via mobile devices, using smart phones or tablet that run various operating systems. When everything runs smoothly, nobody notices. Like breathing, it’s taken for granted.

When a problem pops up, whether due to a system upgrade, an operating system update or user error, productivity comes to a halt. Fortunately, Unforce offers flexible staffing solutions that include IT temps, temp-to-hire employees, direct hire services, independent contractors and third party payroll solutions.

Popular Uniforce help desk positions include:

Help Desk Analyst

  • Managing the needs of internal and remote users who access software that supports the company’s business needs, whether proprietary in nature or based within the Windows, Google or Apple cloud-based systems.
  • Supporting web and intranet applications rendering on a variety of platforms, including mobile.
  • Organizing the use of a help ticket system to manage troubleshooting and escalation of user issues.
  • Supporting company-owned and user-owned hardware that may include cloud any variety of tables, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Supporting, managing and training help desk technicians as required.
  • Support various company printers.
  • Depending on level of position, will have a varying degree of responsibility to work with cyber security engineers and comply with processes that support system security architecture.

Help Desk Technician

  • Skillset requirements include problem-solving, good communication skills, patience, teamwork and follow-up.
  • Strong tech skills that include familiarity with a variety of hardware, software, networking cloud-based applications and basic office-support applications, such as those belonging to the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Depending on size and structure of company, various levels of help desk technician positions will determine the required skill set, education and certifications for staff positions at each level.

Systems must keep pace with the evolution of your business.

As your company grows, so too does the need for technical solutions that support your unique business objectives. Uniforce has flexible staffing solutions that provide your organization with systems analysts, developers and engineers needed to achieve your objectives within budget. Core capabilities and responsibilities include:

System Analysts, Developers and Engineers

  • Translate business needs into tech solutions.
  • Assess and understand your systems, processes and workflows.
  • Enhance systems, test and validate.
  • Develop custom reporting solutions.
  • Create documentation needed for user manuals and tech manuals.
  • Provide solutions and develop within allocated budgets.
  • Offer solutions to lower development costs.

Cyber security is a must.

In the 21st century, if you’re breathing, you’re concerned about internet security.
Over the past few years, nothing has been a higher priority to Unforce than IT security staffing for our valued clients. From IT security architects and analysts to IT security engineers, we have staffing solutions to support the cyber security initiatives of your company. Cyber security is evolving quickly. The following roles and responsibilities are a partial representation of the many that exist currently:

Information Technology Security Professionals

  • Roles your organization may need include: Chief Security Officer, Security Analyst, Security Engineer and Cyber Security Architects.
  • Secure systems, reducing risks of data and privacy breaches.
  • Perform assessments and testing related to vulnerability and compliance.
  • Knowledge of basic IT security and cybersecurity technologies, including Windows clients and servers, various routers, firewalls, storage, PKI, SSO, IdAM and others.
  • Analyze system findings across networks and domains.
  • Knowledge of various cybersecurity tools and solutions.

Uniforce techies are ready to help.

Uniforce IT professionals hold a tremendous variety of educational achievements, qualifications and certifications. Some of the more popular certifications held include: CISSP, CISM, CCNA, ITIL, A+ Certified and MCSE.

If your company is seeking a techie with a specific blend of qualifications, Uniforce can help.

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