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Clinical Healthcare

Like all things clinical, there’s a science to being one of the nation’s most trusted healthcare staffing agencies.

Trust comes from the knowing that Uniforce focuses on matching our clients with certified healthcare professionals who understand that compliance to the laws, regulations and best practices that govern the healthcare industry are priority number one.

If your clinical environment is in need of temp staffing to address patient to employee ratios, Uniforce is here for you. If you’re seeking credentialed healthcare professionals, such as CMAs, phlebotomists, clinical data coordinators, clinical researchers, sonographers, radiographers or LPNs, Unforce has the staffing solution for you. Need a licensed healthcare temp, some staffing support for your temporary nursing shortage, or additional clinical staff to ease the pressure of a sudden uptick in patient population? Uniforce has a staffing solution for you.

Temp staffing of licensed nurses and certified medical assistants.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are in high demand do our nation’s growing healthcare needs. Uniforce maintains a healthy network of compassionate and experienced LPNs seeking temp work in clinical settings. “Organized, competent, compassionate, communicative, tolerant and talented.” These are the attributes we hear most often in the form of compliments for the licensed nurse staff we place.

The LPNs we place are self-starters and highly trained in the basics, like taking vital signs, compiling health information, updating records, taking blood pressure, administering the use of catheters, oxygen suppliers and other frequently used medical equipment. Additionally, LPNs are adept at supervising nursing assistants and nursing aides. Running the spectrum of infant care to geriatric support, Uniforce has the dependable staff available to bolster your clinical setting.

Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) are integral participants in the delivery of excellent medical care. Uniforce is a valued resource for our clinical healthcare clients because we provide temporary, temp-to hire and direct hire staffing of medical assistants who are certified and compliant with local, state and federal laws and guidelines. Whether your clinical healthcare needs require support for scheduling appointments, preparing treatment rooms for exams, providing clean and sterilized instruments, disposing of contaminated materials or any of the other duties that CMAs are qualified to perform, contact Uniforce.

CMAs are also trained to take vital signs, take and record vital signs, conduct patient interviews, record medical information, collect specimens and administer medications with physician supervision. Depending on the clinical setting, a CMA may also contribute with any number of administrative duties, from scheduling tests to interfacing with hospital administrations.

Supplementing Allied Health Professional staffing requirements.

Phlebotomists are among the health professionals available for temp staffing. Whether your clinical healthcare needs require blood collection for clinical lab testing or blood donation, a part-time phlebotomist may provide just the right level of staffing for productive and efficient procedures. Uniforce offers phlebotomy staff that’s fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including HIPAA privacy concerns. From properly sanitized equipment and storage to accurate labeling and safe transportation, you can rest assured that best practices are adhered to and safety protocols are strictly observed.

If your clinical lab, doctor’s office, community health center, nursing home, blood donation center, hospital or healthcare facility needs a competent phlebotomist, Unforce is ready to discuss your scheduling requirements.

Uniforce also has you covered if your temporary or full-time staffing needs require diagnostic imaging technicians, including radiographers (medical imaging techs). When you need a technologist to assist radiologists and compassionately support patients, Uniforce can help. We have skilled radiographers prepared to work with obtaining X-rays, CT (Computed Tomography) scans, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans and other diagnostic technologic tools employed. Clinical radiology performed in the operating theatre and diagnostic radiology performed in hospitals and offices are expected placements for the radiographers we help to gain employment, whether it’s on a temporary or director hire basis.

Credentialed sonographers and ultrasonographers are other medical personnel that Uniforce places to satisfy specific clinical healthcare needs. Ultrasonic imaging professionals are available for placement as temp or full-time employees to support the needs of your clinical practice. Areas of specialties that correspond to the experience and credentialing of the employees available include obstetric and gynecologic, cardiac, vascular, obstetrical and general sonography.

Let the professionals manage your clinical healthcare data.

Uniforce also offers staffing solutions for the data coordination and research needs that support your clinical staff. Clinical data coordinators are qualified to prepare and manage the documents and patient appointments, while also updating regulatory information and preparing reports. Uniforce provided clinical data coordinators are proficient in the use of systems and applications used to support the tasks they perform.

If your clinical healthcare business is in need of a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), Unforce can find you a matching employee candidate who suits your requirements. Our staffing agency is experienced in providing CRC candidates who are adept at planning and coordinated strategies for maximizing research participant enrollment, training personnel and identifying new research opportunities. Clinical research coordinators establish the protocol eligibility and screen participants to determine qualifications for participation. CRCs are responsible for accuracy of research structure and timeliness of preparing documentation for review, and submitting findings to sponsors. Compliance with local and federal agencies, including the FDA and Institutional Review Board (IRB) are to be expected.

Considering the competitive nature of the clinical healthcare environment, efficient staffing is a must. If you’re staff needs a solid, compliant team player, let Uniforce be of service.

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