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Employment Agencies and Staffing Firms are a great path to full-time employment

Posted on Apr 22, 2018

While staffing firms or employment agencies can be mistakenly referred to as only ‘temp agencies’, the truth of the matter is that staffing firms are an excellent way to obtain a full time job. The current economic environment has provided opportunities for employees to work in a temporary engagement where the job is categorized and destined to lead to full time employment.

Since massive company layoffs have sent the national employment rate past 10%, employees are now doing the work of many former co-workers. At the same time, recent quarterly increases in corporate profits and real GDP (gross domestic profit) announced by the U.S. Department of Commerce are stimulating economic growth. Those facts combined with many companies still invoking ‘hiring freezes’ has led to the recognition of staff augmentation by using staffing firms for temp-to-hire staffing services.

The truth is that a ‘temp’ never shows up as official corporate headcount so a company can utilize a temporary worker and wait for CFO approval to hire. Companies use staffing firms to ‘try before they buy’ with the goal to offer full time employment. Additionally, due to employee turnover in certain departments, many companies now classify certain job titles such as Administrative Assistants, Customer Service Reps, or Hel p Desk Analysts as strictly temp-to-hire job openings. Managers can evaluate an employee’s performance prior to a hiring commitment.

The moral to the story is that while unemployed candidates often specify that they do not want to ‘temp’ because they prefer only full-time ‘permanent’ employment, a temp-to-hire opportunity is a popular hiring method that only staffing firms retain that can lead to full time employment.