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How to Successfully Maintain Your Assignment with a Temp Agency

Posted on May 08, 2020

Being a “Temp” and working for a temp agency can be the perfect answer to your career and personal needs. Sometimes assignments are short or sometimes long term.  It’s an ideal way to pay bills or fill in your resume, while searching for a full time “permanent” job.

What an interesting way to ‘try out’ a position, experience a company’s culture, or experiment a new industry!  Temporary/contract positions can be more flexible than permanent, and the hours are not as restrictive as they are for full time staff.  Do your work and go home.  Enjoy a better work/life balance with a temp agency.

When you arrive, your computer may not even be set up yet.  Stay calm, patient, and professional!  Many clients in New Jersey and other states hire temps to cover for a staff member who is out on vacation or sick leave. 

You’re expected to hit the ground running, but one-on-one training may be limited.  If you don’t know something, ask!  A Supervisor prefers your question, rather than your mistake.  You’re not expected to know each routine or task on day one.

Be noticed as a hard worker and valuable member of the company staff.  Jump into each temp assignment given to you.  Dig in, ask for more, and don’t wait until you’re asked, especially if you spot a task that needs handling.

A temp agency client appreciates an enthusiastic employee!  As you finish an assignment, ask if they need something else, even if it’s outside of your job description.  Remember, you’re probably filling in for an absent staff member; however, they may soon discover a need for someone with your diligence to be added to the staff.

Refrain from complaining to co-workers.  Be friendly and cordial, but not too social.  If you have a concern, call your temp agency.  Your Recruiter is responsible for resolving an issue with the Supervisor on the job.

This is your chance to make a lasting impression on a Supervisor.  Follow these strategies to help you convert to “permanent”, with all of the benefits.

Always remember, “If you’re early, you’re on time.  If you’re on time, you’re late and late is unacceptable.”  Being punctual and on time is a sign of respect for others.  Tardiness is a sign of selfishness, so demonstrate your reliability.

Uniforce, your temp agency headquarters in New Jersey and Florida, wishes you good luck on your next Temp assignment!