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Temping Tips

Posted on Apr 09, 2018

It is largely up to you how much you intend to gain from temporary employment. You can do a little more than just showing up for work. Depending on the job and company, there may be ways to maximize the opportunity. Even if your main goal is to generate income, why not seize each temp job as an opportunity and learn as much as you can? 

Take the time to learn
Learning what’s required of you and to getting up to speed on the assigned tasks is your first responsibility on any temporary assignment. Adjusting quickly is advantageous for both the employer and you. The time to look for additional learning opportunities comes after you’ve settled into your role. 

Take notice and observe
Quietly observe co-workers to learn what their roles are and what kind of skills they use. Take notice of what works better in this company than in other workplaces in which you’ve been employed.

Learn transferrable skills
Try to learn skills you can apply in other roles and businesses in your field of interest. Learning as much as possible about a chosen field will make you far more valuable in the marketplace.