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The behind the scenes role of your employment agency.

Posted on Oct 17, 2019

A reputable employment agency builds an authentic connection with a candidate and helps the job seeker land that great job – simple as that!   Oh, the hard-to-believe stories we hear from candidates, from early morning to late evening.  Instinctively, we believe in people and often wonder how we hold out hope and keep the faith!  Recruiters at temporary employment agencies love what they do, and the rewards work both ways.

Simply stated, an employment agency endures those headaches to keep our client from getting one.  We’re kind of like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ behind the gold curtain pulling the strings.  Here’s a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes role of a temporary employment agency. 

After our staff searches feverishly for the perfect candidate, we perform deep skills assessments and conduct an in-depth interview.  The resume and Candidate Executive Summary are furnished to the Hiring Manager.  Once the client interview is scheduled, a Temporary Employment Agency Recruiter will prep them for their in person interview.  He or she will attempt to mitigate any uneasiness about the job by providing the job seeker clear expectations and performing a thorough mock “prep” interview in-person or via Skype.  The process allows a candidate to feel like they are in front of the client making a good first impression, showing off their personality, and avoiding asking the wrong questions.  After negotiating on the pay rate and inquiring about ‘any other’ job offers, the Temporary Recruiter checks off everything on the list, stays connected, and keeps close track of the candidate.

As a recent example of “using our secret sauce to place a quality candidate at our client’s front door”, this week a new client located the employment agency on our website, and we ventured into a search for the appropriate candidate.  Our search process brought us to a resume which showed each of the skills required for the new position.  A phone call to the candidate immersed into deep details uncovering each and every skill and computer program, how and when they were used in the most recent and past positions.  Our inquiry ensued into “how and why” those jobs ended.  As seemingly legitimate reasons unfolded, we asked the candidate to provide former employer references phone numbers, which were provided.  We investigated if each of those Supervisors still work in those companies, or their current whereabouts.  After receiving satisfactory and positive feedback, we proceeded with the submission of resume and Executive Summary or “bio” to client.  In the meantime, we met our candidate in person at the temporary employment agency to give a full orientation, onboarding of documents, discuss all of the job details, and clarify our expectations and rules to be followed while working as a temporary at our client.  At this time, we “prep” interviewed this candidate, as if in front of our client. 

Before leaving, we requested the candidate to keep in touch with the employment agency until the client’s interview is scheduled and reiterated, “If you have any hesitation, or if anything occurs in the meantime, call us immediately”.  The interview took place, the client offered the position, and our candidate started the next day.  We followed up with the client, and the candidate is so far, a perfect placement.  Our Company’s secret sauce is how we get this quality candidate into our client’s front door!

Prior to a temporary employee’s assignment start date, verbal and written instructions are carefully provided – be on time, don’t miss a day, take the designated lunch break, follow dress code, don’t use a cell phone; in other words, be respectful and productive! 

A Recruiter at a Temporary Employment Agency does not expect staffing to go smoothly all the time.  They take all the necessary steps and due diligence behind the scenes to provide the quality candidate that each and every client deserves.  A good Recruiter understands that they can only guide candidate to a certain extent.  When our secret sauce creates a bad batch, we move on and search for a better alternative candidate as quickly as possible.  When everything goes right, it is gratifying to match our best candidate with the best fitting client – the best day in the life of a Temporary Recruiter!