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Diagnostic Technician

Medical Technologist
Teaneck, New Jersey
  • Added - July-19-2022
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Job Summary:  The Diagnostic Technician, is responsible for accurately performing and processing electrocardiograms, draws intravenous and capillary blood from adults and all related functions. Essential  Job Functions:   Draws intravenous or capillary blood from patients within established department’s policy time frames using proper aseptic collection techniques:

  1. Draws and delivers (where applicable) all blood work (stat, timed, routine) within established departmental policy time frames.
  2. Draws intravenous and capillary blood into proper tubes and culture vials and create hematology slides according to the purpose for which the blood is to be tested. 
  3. Maintain adequate inventory of research supplies necessary for research activities (i.e. gloves, cleaning supplies, lab jackets, study specific supplies and kits).
  4. Ensures lab supplies and kits are current and safely disposes of expired/closed supplies.
  5. Maintains the proper safety requirements with regards to the disposal and maintenance of the biohazard sharp containers.
  6. Ensures the maintenance and temperature recording of the -70 and -20 freezers on a weekly basis.
  7. Maintains the proper functionality of the laboratory eye wash.
  8. Experienced and knowledgeable in properly centrifuging human specimens per study specific laboratory manual guidelines.
  9. Processes and ships human specimens and biologic agents per protocol guidelines and Federal Regulations.
  10. Maintains the laboratory on a regular basis according to the Standards of Good Laboratory Practices.
  11. Obtains and maintains valid Dangerous Goods Shipping Certificate.
  12. Verifies that all patients have provided informed consent and agreed to the studies option prior to entering study specific data.
  13. Reviews source documents and records accurate data by keeping a log of what samples were completed on daily basis.
  14. Resolves lab data queries accurately and within study specific time frames.
  15. Coordinates with Research Nurse and/or Data Coordinator to ensure timely performance of blood draws.
  16. Makes rounds on research divisions to collect specimens and/or perform ECGs as assigned.
  17. Performs electrocardiograms on research patients on a case by case basis.(if applicable)
  18. Demonstrates correct placement of electrodes and all the elements of a 12 lead ECG including but not limited to the recognition of artifacts (electrical, muscle, etc.).
  19. Places ECG chart copy on the patient’s medical record and transmits the ECG immediately following the recording and verifies with research nurse.
  20. Cleans the lab area, re-stocks supplies, prepare lab kits at least 24 hours prior to patient visits.
  21. Reports supply needs and equipment defects in a timely fashion.
  22. Assists with the teaching of ECG procedures, venipunture and capillary techniques to associates and other technical personnel, in accordance with the established department policies.
  23. Lifts a minimum of 20 lbs., pushes and pulls a minimum of 50 lbs. and stands a minimum of 4 hours a day.
  24. Adheres to the standards identified in the  Organizational Competencies.

Knowledge, Education and Skills Required:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent with basic knowledge of arrhythmias and completion of a blood drawing educational program.
  2. 1 year of prior experience in ECG or graduate of ECG Technical/Medical Assistant training program.
  3. 1 year of prior experience in processing specimens.



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