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Learning new things on your temp job will make you happier at work.

Posted on Jun 14, 2019

Learning something new every day is a worthwhile way to feed your knowledge and skills, especially when working a temp job.  With increased and sharpened skills, your employer and temp assignment manager will recognize you as a helpful support, a welcomed asset, and a really profitable addition to the company.

You’ll feel more important and well respected, and further dedicated to the position.

In striving for the pursuit of happiness on the job, the motivation of asking for additional tasks leads to an upbeat feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“According to 2,400 professionals responding to a study done with LinkedIn:  Among these 2,000+ professionals a significant number (7%) are taking up to five hours a week or more to learn. They’re reading, taking classes, watching courses, or doing other things to advance their skills and careers. The Heavy Learners are more engaged, productive, and successful than their peers! How do these “heavy learners perform?” Look at the data. It will blow your mind. They are happier, less stressed, more productive, confident, and more ready to grow”.

Ask for a group brainstorming session – a simple entertaining break and focus away from the repetitive day’s work – this can challenge our brain, open colleagues’ creative minds, and let others see how one brilliant project idea is a gain for everyone.

Most temp jobs require some level of MS Excel. If you only know basic MS Excel spreadsheets, watch YouTube videos to master formulas, pivot tables and Vlookups.  If you haven’t used QuickBooks, study online tutorials and walk through the basic steps of the program.  If you’re in an office environment and enjoy writing, and no one has yet written a Blog for the company site, ask if you can submit a draft to your Supervisor. 

Happy employees emit positive energy to the group, and especially to the boss!

Power is knowledge!

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