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Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Posted on Jun 17, 2022

Social Media is now a mainstay in the daily behavior of many job seekers.  Most online visitors spend hours every day scrolling through photos of other people’s lives on social media. Why not put this time into enhancing one’s own social media profile as a job seeker in New Jersey?  Networking online with a New Jersey based employment agency is a good idea to develop your online resume or social media brand.  With more than 75% of the global population active on social media, many employers are also using these social media sites to find new hires for temp jobs. To get started, below are three tips for a job seeker to maintain a social media profile:

  1. Build your personal brand

As a job seeker in New Jersey, post informative content about yourself that relates to your hobbies, interests, and strengths. For example, a job seeker could use a social media site like “TikTok” to share constructive videos that displays performances or work products in order to appeal to employment agencies.   Additionally, a job seeker should only offer constructive comments that will impress employers when they research your name. Social media should be a platform meant to uplift one’s reputation by displaying the great things they have done or stated within their feed. To further explain, on Twitter, job seekers can post public comments that contribute to work related conversations. This action may suggest to employers that one has a passion for their career and prefers to engage in meaningful discussion via social media. 

  1. Utilize all key social media tools

Social media sites have several hidden tools that can promote a job seeker’s social media profile.  Employers prefer that job seekers care about the image they portray online.  It’s a good idea to create an educational bio about yourself.  Instagram permits its users to include a significant quote or fact about themselves so employment agencies can read noteworthy information when finding someone’s profile. Another feature offered through this platform is the ability to “tag” an account. It’s beneficial to tag keywords such as New Jersey employment agencies in posts in order to stand out as a potential candidate.  One can include photos relating to job interests and articles relating to one’s past experiences. Furthermore, a job seeker should also tag other people that they want to be noticed by so employers can find their social media resume in a timely fashion.

  1. Make social connections

One commonality between all social media sites is the ability to form connections. It’s a good idea to follow those employment agencies that are of interest.  One can follow an employment agency on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.  Following a New Jersey employment agency will allow one to keep up with company news as well as display an interest in the business of the employment agency.  Networking on platforms like LinkedIn gives job seekers the ability to connect with employers, colleagues, and friends that may help them in their career path. Moreover, establishing these connections allows employers to view one’s social media resume.  It’s a useful tool for sharing skills and work experience with other employment agencies in order to find additional job opportunities. It’s also recommended that one network with multiple employment agencies via their social media sites. Not only does one lift its social media profile among a large group of employers, but a job seeker will also obtain access to job postings, thought leadership, and increased visibility among hiring managers.

Overall, job seekers in New Jersey should utilize social media to their advantage when building an online reputation.  It’s important to maintain an online profiles with these three strategies in order to find a job with a New Jersey based employment agency effectively. 

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