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Best Practices for using an Accounting Temporary Staffing Firm

Posted on Dec 22, 2023

There are a fair number of temporary staffing firms that handle finance and accounting staffing. It’s really important to ask the right questions when interviewing a staffing firm. The better the staffing partnership, the better the talent pipeline. Below are some best practices when selecting a temporary accounting staffing firm.

  1. The best recruiters are sometimes former accounting professionals. A good temporary staffing firm with a strong understanding of accounting should have at least one internal recruiter with a background in finance or accounting. If a recruiter has done part of that job at some point in their career, the better talent they can find when working that client job order.
  2. Accounting software knowledge. All accounting job orders requires some specific knowledge of an accounting software (e.g. SAP, QuickBooks, Oracle, MS Dynamics, etc.). When selecting a temporary accounting staffing firm, inquire if they use the same software or have recruiters who have used the same software in previous accounting industry roles.
  3. A strong accounting candidate network. Since staffing firms provide talent directly to CFOs, Controllers, and other Accounting professionals, staffing firm recruiters should have strong relationships with their clients. In doing so, they are able to directly network with clients and ask for candidate referrals. Good people know good people. A good staffing firm will also offer a competitive referral bonus program in dollars for successful referrals.
  4. Industry knowledge. Even with a general accounting knowledge, staffing firm recruiters don’t know everything about accounting. It’s important to ask an accounting temporary staffing firm what specific industries it has worked with (e.g. manufacturing, real estate, technology). Every industry handles different accounting methods with regards to depreciation, fixed assets, amortization schedules, prepaid expenses, and taxes. Asking the right questions can make the difference when partnering with the right accounting staffing firm for its knowledge about the specifics of an industry.
  5. Staffing firm employee benefits offerings. Since a staffing firm is employing the temporary/contract employees as legal W-2 employees, it is important that the staffing firm utilize efficient payroll operations. A staffing firm should offer employees web based payroll management as well as ACA health benefit offerings. Some firms also offer employees an employer paid safe harbor 401(k) matching contribution. Benefits can make the difference.

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