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Why would anyone want to work as a “temp” on a temp job?

Posted on Aug 15, 2022

Temp agencies with a local presence in New Jersey and other states provide temp jobs on all different levels to employees seeking an opportunity that matches their career objectives.  Temp jobs are always in demand.  Businesses and health care organizations are constantly looking for employees, especially in an environment where the unemployment rate is so low.

In July 2022, the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5 percent, reaching its pre-pandemic level. Therefore, in order to hire more employees, companies are adding temp jobs or long term assignments in order to hire people more quickly than they can with a full time hire.  The truth of the matter is that an employer usually can bring on a temp or consultant much more quickly than a full time employee.  A job seeker should understand that they can wait less time to get hired and start towards a temp or temp-to-hire career.

A temp job in New Jersey allows workers to be hired for a period of time.  Companies request temporary positions when they are in need of assistance immediately, due to a vacancy.  Hiring managers also don’t have to get approval from the central Human Resources process at times. In most cases, the temp job has a specific start date and possible end date.  Some reasons for the term or period could be due a maternity leave, a leave of absence, an employee resignation, or an upcoming project. 

Working through a temp agency allows all kinds of people to gain experience in the workforce. For example, a retiree looking to reenter the workforce may take a temp job to ease their way back into the workplace.  Furthermore, a college student on summer break may perform a temp job in order to build up their resume over those few months.  Temp jobs in New Jersey and elsewhere offer convenience to the needs of people in their current stage of life. Expanding knowledge and learning a new trade or skill on-the-job is only beneficial to a person looking to develop a career.. 

In full transparency, taking on a temp job shows an individual’s dedication because an employee is committing to a position for a specific period of time.  Sometimes starting smaller may lead to bigger positions in the future.  As one works diligently as a temp, employers will notice one’s strong work ethic. Working in a temp job provides immediate visibility and also gets one’s name out to other departments within an organization.  Additionally, more companies will notice one’s resume due to the additional experience and software skills acquired.  These experiences in a temp job will lead to connections with future employers.  Doors can only open for a full time position or internal promotion.

It’s important to understand that not all temp jobs stay temporary.  Some temp jobs in New Jersey and other states transition to a permanent (or direct hire) status. A temp-to-hire can occur when the company finally realizes that the temp is thriving in the role. A good lesson to learn why a job seeker would want to work as a temp is that “you have to be in it to win it.”  Employers really like to “try before they buy.”  

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Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Posted on Jun 17, 2022

Social Media is now a mainstay in the daily behavior of many job seekers.  Most online visitors spend hours every day scrolling through photos of other people’s lives on social media. Why not put this time into enhancing one’s own social media profile as a job seeker in New Jersey?  Networking online with a New Jersey based employment agency is a good idea to develop your online resume or social media brand.  With more than 75% of the global population active on social media, many employers are also using these social media sites to find new hires for temp jobs. To get started, below are three tips for a job seeker to maintain a social media profile:

  1. Build your personal brand

As a job seeker in New Jersey, post informative content about yourself that relates to your hobbies, interests, and strengths. For example, a job seeker could use a social media site like “TikTok” to share constructive videos that displays performances or work products in order to appeal to employment agencies.   Additionally, a job seeker should only offer constructive comments that will impress employers when they research your name. Social media should be a platform meant to uplift one’s reputation by displaying the great things they have done or stated within their feed. To further explain, on Twitter, job seekers can post public comments that contribute to work related conversations. This action may suggest to employers that one has a passion for their career and prefers to engage in meaningful discussion via social media. 

  1. Utilize all key social media tools

Social media sites have several hidden tools that can promote a job seeker’s social media profile.  Employers prefer that job seekers care about the image they portray online.  It’s a good idea to create an educational bio about yourself.  Instagram permits its users to include a significant quote or fact about themselves so employment agencies can read noteworthy information when finding someone’s profile. Another feature offered through this platform is the ability to “tag” an account. It’s beneficial to tag keywords such as New Jersey employment agencies in posts in order to stand out as a potential candidate.  One can include photos relating to job interests and articles relating to one’s past experiences. Furthermore, a job seeker should also tag other people that they want to be noticed by so employers can find their social media resume in a timely fashion.

  1. Make social connections

One commonality between all social media sites is the ability to form connections. It’s a good idea to follow those employment agencies that are of interest.  One can follow an employment agency on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.  Following a New Jersey employment agency will allow one to keep up with company news as well as display an interest in the business of the employment agency.  Networking on platforms like LinkedIn gives job seekers the ability to connect with employers, colleagues, and friends that may help them in their career path. Moreover, establishing these connections allows employers to view one’s social media resume.  It’s a useful tool for sharing skills and work experience with other employment agencies in order to find additional job opportunities. It’s also recommended that one network with multiple employment agencies via their social media sites. Not only does one lift its social media profile among a large group of employers, but a job seeker will also obtain access to job postings, thought leadership, and increased visibility among hiring managers.

Overall, job seekers in New Jersey should utilize social media to their advantage when building an online reputation.  It’s important to maintain an online profiles with these three strategies in order to find a job with a New Jersey based employment agency effectively. 

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Use Your Skills to be a Positive Influence in the Workplace through an Employment Agency

Posted on Sep 17, 2021

It is beneficial for a job seeker to consider partnering with an employment agency. Choosing one that mirrors your integrity, work ethic, and similar core values.  This match allows an employee’s skills to shine and deliver a positive influence to an employment agency’s client.

The ability to influence others is a challenging skill to master, yet an effective one.  It encourages one’s career advancement, boosts credibility, and allows one to build a higher impact on the team and company.  This skill set is an asset for an employee on assignment at an employment agency.  The key is to make values and expertise impossible to ignore! 

It’s a worthwhile idea for a job seeker to research local temporary employment agencies, in order to determine if it is a worthwhile ally.  Partnering with the right agency will allow an employee to explore employment opportunities with a client that shares the same values as the job seeker. The benefit of working in a temporary-to-hire position provides an opportunity to try out a company and determine if talent is recognized and given the opportunity to shine.  All of these components help to create an engaged worker; a worthwhile strategy to seek a competitive advantage.

Temporary employees from an employment agency regularly can contribute unique and constructive skills, with competence and proficiency.  They can share their past experiences from various previous contract/temporary assignments from both large and small employers. In summary, temps can become a positive influence in the workplace. 

When temporary/contract employees successfully complete previous assignments, they arrive at their new assignment eager and ready to go.  They exemplify flexibility, a desire to start tasks quickly, and meld into the company environment. In fact, clients of employment agencies agree that minimal training was required when hiring an employee that demonstrated the same values and became a positive influence.   Despite the new company environment, employees are off and running, fulfilling the technical and soft skill goals of the new assignment. Often, their talent and influence is welcomed.

For the employment agency client, a fulfilled worker with a satisfied and energetic attitude, adds stability, productivity, and innovation.  This successful match can enhance the company culture with the full time employees.  Additionally, when an employment agency client has a positive outcome with a temporary employee, assignment end dates can be extended.

Employees who seek that their values align with the mission statement of an employment agency are more likely to find a position that fits their career goals.  Employees can look to their employment agency as an advisor. Together, both parties work closely to align each other with the right client company to make the perfect fit. When Human Resources departments review resumes and observe the same employment agency on several previous employment positions, that’s a recipe of success. A good match between the employee and employment agency has been made.

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Keep your resume fresh and relevant by working with an employment agency.

Posted on Feb 12, 2021

The U.S. job market has been slowly improving on a statistical basis, but it has not returned to its pre-COVID numbers. In January of this year, the overall unemployment rate fell by .4% to a rate of 6.3%. The number of
long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more), at 4.0 million, was about unchanged in January and accounted for 39.5 percent of the total unemployed (source: US BLS).

While job seekers rightfully prefer to seek full time employment or a “permanent job,” they should also consider the option of working with an employment agency. An employment or temp agency, especially one based in Bergen County, New Jersey, has an abundant supply of contract or temporary assignments. A temp job is a great way to get back to work quickly.

During the COVID pandemic, companies are still burdened with headcount quotas or freezes due to the economic uncertainty. Companies also take a long time to make a decision on a new full time hire. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) needs to directly hands-on approve the budget for the new hire and HR experiences longer times to hire due to constant unexpected changes in their business climate.

While it is normal for job seekers to hold out and wait for the ideal full time job, the timing is always uncertain. Since the number of job seekers still jobless after 27 weeks has not changed, it may be worth to consider a temp job. There are many advantages to keeping a resume up-to-date and relevant.

These are unprecedented times and hiring managers, that read resumes for a living, understand the long gaps in employment and various reasons for jobs ending. But it is still vital to keep the resume and skills (computer and job-related) as fresh as possible. By accepting a temp job from an employment agency in Bergen County, New Jersey, a job seeker can bridge the gaps in employment and portray a viable current history of employment from a reputable organization.

For example, our employment agency was searching for a temporary or contract Customer Service Rep. for a 3 month project for a major client. We interviewed several candidates for the position and many preferred not to take a temp job. There were some job seekers who saw the value in taking the temp job because it presented new opportunities. Not only was our client a household name providing reputable corporate clout on their resume, but the temp job also provided the opportunity to work with the SAP system. Going forward, new employers would now notice this candidate as a potential hire for new job opportunities requiring the specialty SAP skill set. A new career road path is available.

Employment Agencies provide a variety of opportunities in a wide group of industries. Accepting a temp job may lead to an opportunity in a new industry or present a much needed career change. It can also provide a warm sense of purpose and facilitate self-worth when facing the emotional and psychological challenges of being out-of-work.

Consider partnering with an employment agency in your local neighborhood such as Bergen County, New Jersey. Some employment agencies, such as UNIFORCE, also provide job opportunities in other states as well.

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Managing stress while working for an employment agency

Posted on May 28, 2020

During this highly stressful time, job seekers and employees are feeling anxious and uncertain about the present, and especially about the future.  An employment agency’s goal is to put as many job seekers to work as possible. Those employees fortunate to be working on a temporary/contract assignment, are at the heart of every company. Employees are the special ingredient for their own success as well as the employment agency’s success.

Family, community, and health are of utmost importance.  Believing in the power of working together, with care and compassion, and taking every precaution, will help reduce some of the workers’ pressure. Employment agencies and their client companies need to listen to employees’ responses, and monitor the situation carefully to support their employees while working. 

During this worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, managing work deadlines and goals while trying to balance these unprecedented life’s circumstances, and pressures happening at home, is of utmost importance.  Sometimes life’s challenges prepare people for changes in the world and for what lies ahead.

Due to the effects and the insurmountable and continuing pressure of the pandemic on society and our workplaces, all employment agencies and its clients are operating in unheard-of times.  In the midst of this uncertainty, it is important to find a moment of inspiration to keep heads up and spirits high.  There is ample room for connection and creativity, bringing a spot of happiness, while displaying extreme flexibility.  The situation isn’t there yet, but an ease and end to the lock down is on the horizon. 

It is an employment agency’s responsibility to continue to support employees with updates and developments. The goal is to diffuse any pressure on the temporary employee on their assignment.

It is our hope that employees and their families maintain continuing health and advised safety standards.

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How to Successfully Maintain Your Assignment with a Temp Agency

Posted on May 08, 2020

Being a “Temp” and working for a temp agency can be the perfect answer to your career and personal needs. Sometimes assignments are short or sometimes long term.  It’s an ideal way to pay bills or fill in your resume, while searching for a full time “permanent” job.

What an interesting way to ‘try out’ a position, experience a company’s culture, or experiment a new industry!  Temporary/contract positions can be more flexible than permanent, and the hours are not as restrictive as they are for full time staff.  Do your work and go home.  Enjoy a better work/life balance with a temp agency.

When you arrive, your computer may not even be set up yet.  Stay calm, patient, and professional!  Many clients in New Jersey and other states hire temps to cover for a staff member who is out on vacation or sick leave. 

You’re expected to hit the ground running, but one-on-one training may be limited.  If you don’t know something, ask!  A Supervisor prefers your question, rather than your mistake.  You’re not expected to know each routine or task on day one.

Be noticed as a hard worker and valuable member of the company staff.  Jump into each temp assignment given to you.  Dig in, ask for more, and don’t wait until you’re asked, especially if you spot a task that needs handling.

A temp agency client appreciates an enthusiastic employee!  As you finish an assignment, ask if they need something else, even if it’s outside of your job description.  Remember, you’re probably filling in for an absent staff member; however, they may soon discover a need for someone with your diligence to be added to the staff.

Refrain from complaining to co-workers.  Be friendly and cordial, but not too social.  If you have a concern, call your temp agency.  Your Recruiter is responsible for resolving an issue with the Supervisor on the job.

This is your chance to make a lasting impression on a Supervisor.  Follow these strategies to help you convert to “permanent”, with all of the benefits.

Always remember, “If you’re early, you’re on time.  If you’re on time, you’re late and late is unacceptable.”  Being punctual and on time is a sign of respect for others.  Tardiness is a sign of selfishness, so demonstrate your reliability.

Uniforce, your temp agency headquarters in New Jersey and Florida, wishes you good luck on your next Temp assignment!

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How to Craft the Best Resume for an Employment Agency

Posted on Mar 02, 2020

Applying for a job is one of the most stressful endeavors, especially in this ever-increasing competitive job market.  So how does one make a resume stand out in the crowd of hundreds of candidates applying for the same job?  Keep in mind the warp speed at which an employment agency reads a resume.  This is truly the chance to shine on a document and take a moment to light your way!

Now is a good time to take advantage and work with an employment agency because of the 50-year low unemployment rate and shortage of unemployed candidates.  An employment agency searches for a well-crafted resume from the most qualified applicant to place at their client.  Recruiters are always open to continually engaging with available employees who are hoping to find a new opportunity.   

How one presents herself on a well-crafted resume will determine the perception of a recruiter at an employment agency.  Remember to highlight technical, customer service, and computer skills as well as work history and important accomplishments.  A recruiter instantly determines whether or not a candidate is qualified for the job.  Use each job description posting as a guide and craft the resume for each position by choosing certain keywords to instantly grab the attention of the recruiter.  Only apply for a job if the entire description has been reviewed.  Imagine the embarrassment when a recruiter calls saying, “Tell me where and when you used this specific skill.”  Suddenly you’re on-the-spot to disclose, “I’m not really familiar with that software”.

With regards to formatting text, choose a basic, simple, and clean font.  Arial and Calibri convert easily from device to device.  Fancy fonts are distracting and messy when transferred.  Keep the information in an easy-to-follow order:

Contact Information – Write your name and use an email address, even if you need to create a new one, which will present yourself as a business professional.  There is no need to include a home address, especially if applying for out-of-area jobs.  If you really want to stand out, include the specific position you’re applying for.  Leave off a photograph; save it for your social media sites.

Summary or Career Objective – Highlight what you will be offering to this company by matching the position you’re applying for, not what you’re looking to do.  You might miss an opportunity by mistakenly appearing to be seeking a completely different position.  Carefully read and review the job posting from the employment agency for relevant experience and skills required.

Skills – List hard key skills first such as technical, computer software competencies.  If a completed up-to-date certification is required for the job, get the original stamped document from the institution.  Even if it isn’t absolutely required – if you list it, present it.  Also, list soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, and self-development.

Education – Honesty is the best policy!  If you have graduated with a college degree, it’s usually understood that have a high school degree.  List the degree obtained, field of study, the school, and achievements obtained during your education, if they make sense for your career.

If your college degree is incomplete, list the courses taken.  If you are currently attending classes, write “currently enrolled” and “intended completion date”.  There have been cases where candidates listed the year which they wanted, but did not graduate.  The recruiter from the employment agency requested a completed transcript directly from that college.  When the response is “Sorry, she/he did not graduate,” it can be a disaster.  The hiring process fizzles with the client, as it appeared to be falsification of degree.  

Employment History – List in chronological order each previous employer and include the month/year started and month/year ended, as well as each company’s City/State location.  Avoid the common mistake of using a confusing Job Title that is so specific to a previous employer, but not relevant to the industry.  Intertwine your exceptional communication skills into your past positions, highlighting how you successfully created opportunities to grow with continual learning and joining members of your team for growth opportunities and reaching goals together.

If you were a top performer and were recognized with an award, highlight those meaningful responsibilities and achievements to an employment agency.  Showcase how you were treasured and kept on as a great talent!  If you were internally promoted or moved into other roles within the organization, demonstrate your flexibility and valuable qualities, especially the wish for continual career development. 

Share your tactics of how you improved group performance, helped your employer meet goals, and built a positive work environment for the team.

References – There is no need to list references on the resume.  A recruiter will request them if and when the interview process progresses.  Word to the Wise – never fake them.  A recruiter in an employment agency will call each one for their assessment of your work track record.

Also remember to have someone else review the resume for spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, and grammatical flow, before sending it to an employment agency. 

Start a new journey on your never-ending career path.  You never know where life will take you!

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Can a Temp Agency help me with my Career Change?

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

How a New Jersey Temp Agency helped me with my Career Change – from Perfume to People, an HR Manager’s Adventure!

The most common daily questions we get from callers are: “How do I switch my career?”, “I lost my job and I don’t know what else I can do” or “I want to explore my options and see what else is out there”.  Throughout our working years, we sometimes find ourselves in a role where we feel stuck, confused, or unsatisfied for so many different reasons.  For some, it’s the corporate culture, the commute, the hours, the boss, the department, the plane, train, or automobile travel for work, etc.  Sometimes we just wish to try out something new!  Why not?!  Hold on… the idea of starting a new career can feel daunting, like “Where do I begin, who do I call”?

A well established New Jersey Temp Agency entertains and takes career change requests seriously, especially since UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions did just that for their HR Manager, who herself began as their own Temp.  After energetically studying and becoming proficient in the languages of Spanish and French, she spent years travelling domestically and internationally, successfully involved in the launch of everything perfumed – fine fragrances, cosmetics, body and household products.  She “dreamt” new product development concepts, then worked with perfumers and chemists to conceive, scent and package them into tangible real products. She also wrote supportive PowerPoint presentation and presented live to product manufacturers, designers, and celebrities.  Yes, the creative work was invigorating, the clients were glamorous, and the travel allowed her to ‘see the world’ of Asia, Latin America, Canada, Europe (skiing with colleagues in the Alps), and many US States. Unfortunately, with her kids nearing the teenage years, the time came to calm the commute, spend time at home in New Jersey, and perhaps try something new and different.  “Whaaat?”, her colleagues exclaimed.

She had no idea that a local New Jersey Temp Agency could help with a career change using her current skill sets of creative writing, media design, public speaking, administration, emailing decks to worldwide affiliates, speaking English/Spanish/French, and finding, hiring, and training her own department staff.  It was luck that a friend had worked through the Temp Agency, Uniforce Staffing Solutions, to restart a career.  Maybe there was hope!

Thrilled to find and help this marketing maven with a career change, Uniforce Staffing Solutions recruiters thoroughly probed and uncovered a multitude of useful administrative and people skills.  The exploration gave recruiters a keen determination of how these skills could be marketed to a new opportunity, and at which clients, right here in New Jersey. This gave her hope.  Her crossover of expertise afforded the Temp Agency to hire her repeatedly for required projects and positions. In some assignments, she helped write the marketing plan at a college and at others, she handled administrative and layouts at designer label manufacturer. She also handled market research at a food company, and corporate front desk reception.

What an awesome opportunity to try out different industries, companies, products, and people!  They benefited by easily filling their positions with her, always receiving positive feedback about ‘consistent solid work ethic, effective interaction, always on time, never out’.  Why not use her everywhere, and Uniforce Staffing Solutions did!  Some clients’ assignments were staged to last a week or two, which turned into a month or two, some into a year or two.

In between assignments, this New Jersey based Temp Agency hired her to ‘woman’ their busy front desk, as their full time employee eventually retired.  Happily, this outstanding and several times “Employee of the Month” was invited to join them permanently, fully supporting the Team.  With past experience recruiting in the fragrance industry, she reignited this former skill by recruiting Temps herself, then segued into all areas of Human Resources as HR Manager of Uniforce Staffing Solutions.

Her product was perfume, now her product is people. Helping each candidate find a job allows them to feel good in many ways – the reward of a career change to HR Manager by a Temp Agency!

Not surprising, she is grateful and sincerely “Thanks” Uniforce Staffing Solutions, and they appreciate her as a welcomed addition. 

Yes, a NJ Temp Agency can help you with a career change!!

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A Temp Agency may help increase workplace friendships and boost morale

Posted on Nov 27, 2019

Companies with happily connected employees are likely to be successful and develop camaraderie with coworkers. They can become relaxed in a friendly environment and actually enjoy coming to work.  It uplifts the mood and boosts morale!  Partnering with a temp agency in your backyard such as Bergen County, New Jersey can help a candidate locate such a workplace.

Choosing a temp agency that has a large client base located in Bergen County with various corporate cultures enables a candidate to work with a recruiter who can make the best match.  They guide as the ‘go-between’ or ‘mediator’, pointing temps in the right direction.  The agency’s Recruiter has the expertise to match a temp’s skills and experience into a specific position because they are familiar with the internal corporate environment.  This awareness between client and temp agency empowers the transition of an employee’s soft skills into comfortable surroundings.

Creating close social relationships and having a best friend or two at work is comforting and relieves some of the day-to-day pressures.  Companionship helps an employee thrive through successful times and migrate through all the daily challenges that arise at work.   A positive alliance impacts an employee’s physical health as well.  A collaboration with coworkers helps an employee perform through difficulties, rather than just leaving the company dissatisfied.  It actually makes the day glide smoother.  Coworkers all tend to treat each other better after chatting and sharing interests over lunchtime.  Workers can gain a fresh perspective from personalities who are different from themselves.  A temp agency can help make the connection.

The benefit of a work friend goes far beyond lending a hand on a project.  It is important to have a go-to person at work as issues crop up.  If your friend leaves the job, you’ll have the perfect reference for each other.  Future opportunities may even emerge. 

Temp agencies understand that, if an employee loves what they do, the outcome gives beneficial performance results to the employer.

Temp agencies also know that Gen Z’ers and Millennials hold the highest percentage of workplace friendships, as they seem to understand a basic need for bonding, sense of belonging, and human engagement at work.  They healthily consider coworkers as ‘work family’.  Positive friendships at work contribute to longer service to one company, reducing the desire to ‘job-hop’. 

There seems to be a rampant sense of loneliness and depression among remote workers who work in a solitary environment, those not able to share face-to-face companionship at work.  Bergen County hosts a wide array of small and large companies.  Why not let a temp agency with a Bergen County presence make the right match. 

A temp agency recruiter can be a conduit to the impossible. An agency follows up with employees, checks in, and monitors an employee’s connection to the company while gauging job satisfaction, acting as a barometer for a temp in supporting their success.