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UNIFORCE: Employee Recognition Award: Jenny Gardner

Posted on Jan 18, 2024

Employee Background:  The Information Technology division of UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions is pleased to announce Jenny Gardner as our latest Employee Recognition Program Honorable Mention.  Jenny came to UNIFORCE in August of 2023 and has worked with glowing reviews since that time.  Previously, Jenny worked as a Field Service Technician for a large computer and office solutions technology integration company.  She also spent time as a copier, printer, and fax machine repair technician where she handled systems project management.  Jenny brought her relevant experience in the areas of multifunction printer customer support and hardware on-hands technical support.

Success Story:  Jenny is currently working on a long-term remote assignment from Florida as a Product Technical Support Specialist for a large international New Jersey based consumer electronics company. In her role, she is responsible for multi-function printer and visual display technical support. She handles incoming phone calls from clients and third-party integrators to support technical issues with these devices.   Our client clearly values Jenny as an essential member as she consistently provides her knowledge and experience with a variety of hardware technology devices.  Jenny has the ability to support a diverse group of customers with a wide background in technical skills. She addresses each customer’s technical support needs individually with the same exceptional level of customer support.  The UNIFORCE team appreciates a positive and long standing professional relationship with Jenny, and we wish her many more years of success in her career!!

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Minimum Wage Pay Rate Changes in 2024

Posted on Jan 08, 2024

More than 20 states and nearly 40 local jurisdictions increased their minimum wage hourly pay rates on January 1, 2024. The new state laws require that employers pay a new minimum hourly pay rate this year. Employers should consider the new minimum wage rates when setting internal pay rates across all lower level pay categories within an organization. Additionally, temporary employment agencies should consult with their clients on accurate market pay rates with regards to certain labor classifications such as:

  • Medical Receptionists
  • Data Entry
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Hospitality

Below is a summary of some of the state changes where UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions employs W-2 workers across the country.

Arizona: $16.35/hr

California: $16/hr

Illinois: $14/hr

New Jersey: $15.13/hr (6 or more employees)

New York: $16/hr (NYC), $15/hr (NY State)

Review the full list of states.