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Job Seekers – Avoid Rising Recruiting Scams

Posted on Jul 11, 2024

It’s a never ending story. The cold phone calls, the spam emails, and the spam text keep coming. Unfortunately, scammers are now taking advantage of legitimate job seekers by offering fake job opportunities. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in most of 2023, there were almost 78,000 claims of job opportunity fraud. UNIFORCE has also experienced scammers posing as our organization by texting random people with fraudulent job opportunities. Our employment agency issued a security alert warning about Phishing Scams.

An employment temp agency should only post job opportunities on legitimate, reputable web sites. UNIFORCE only posts its open jobs on national job boards, and it’s own web site. It’s always a good idea to see if the job posting is actually linked to the official company branded page on any of these web sites. If not related, definitely ignore.

Job postings should never request any personal information from the applicant. UNIFORCE will never request a social security number, bank account number, Cashapp (or similar app) or credit card number from any job seeker. A true and reputable staffing firm will only request first name, last name, email, phone, and a resume.

Beware of fake remote / work-from-home remote job opportunities. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is untrue. The scammers are now making the national news. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) just posted an article stating that Job Seekers Should Be Wary of Rising Recruitment Scams.

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Accounting Temp Agencies: Are they expensive?

Posted on Jun 20, 2024

Why would a company or organization utilize an accounting temp agency? After all, an employment agency is not the same thing as a public accounting firm. Accounting Temp Agencies recruit, hire and employ accounting professionals as W-2 employees for a specific period of time. While there is a relative cost to engaging an employment agency or staffing firm, it does not nearly cost the same as hiring a public accounting firm, outside bookkeeper, or consulting firm. The costs are far less expensive. Temp agencies do not charge anywhere near the same hourly rate as an accountant, bookkeeper or partner at a public accounting firm.

When should a firm decide between using the above available options? The choice begins with the strategic need. If a company is seeking staff augmentation to replace an employee termination, an accounting temp agency would satisfy that need. If a company seeks an additional accounting professional with relevant industry experience (e.g. real estate or manufacturing) who can commit to a 3 month or longer specific assignment, the employment agency would also be the solution. After all, the accounting transactions keep piling up and coming. Sometimes in order to keep up with flow of business and monthly deadlines, a temporary/contract employee is the perfect fit.

Accounting temp agencies charge a flat hourly bill rate for every hour worked by the temporary employee. The client reviews and approves the employee’s submitted timecard prior to payroll and billing. Like any customer-focused service provider, a temp employment agency should craft an hourly rate range together with the client based on 2 factors.

1. The client’s budget. Clients may have a budget in mind or shopped around. Their past experience matters in the collaboration.

2. The current market pay rate range of the temporary employee. The accounting temp agency has to share its market intelligence on accurate employee pay rates in order to be able to acquire the right talent to do the job requested by the client.

Sometimes if the employment agency and client cannot agree on a price or bill rate range, maybe its best to redefine the employee job description. Scaling back the job requirements will scale back the employee hourly pay rate. At that point, a lower hourly bill rate can be offered for a slightly different category of temporary employee.

So how do these factors affect the price? Typically, an employment agency will quote an all-in hourly bill rate range based on the mutually agreed employee pay rate range between the 2 parties (the temp agency and client). The bill rate range is above the employee pay rate range because it includes all mandatory state/federal taxes, disability insurance, paid sick leave benefits, workers compensation insurance, and other payroll processing costs. Since the employment agency is officially the W-2 employer, the staffing firm pays all those payroll costs. If the client were to hire the same employee on its own, the client would be required to pay those same costs as well as any other mandatory health benefits, PTO, and 401(k) retirement costs. Additionally, the client would spend time and money on recruitment and loss of productivity due to the worker shortage or gaps in employment.

All of a sudden, the price of retaining an accounting temp agency may not be as expensive as what may appear. The temp agency handles all the following costs:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Job Board / Advertising Costs
  3. Referral bonuses
  4. Payroll Costs: State/Federal Taxes, SS/Medicare, Paid Sick Leave, Disability, Workers Comp & more.
  5. Unemployment Costs – unemployment benefits to the employee when the assignment ends

Additionally, since an accounting temp employment agency complies with FLSA employment laws, a staffing firm will classify its employees as non-exempt workers (hourly employees). This in turn, allows the temp agency to manually set the hours per work week (for example, 25 – 30 hours per week). Clients who utilize accounting temp agencies can ultimately can save money by retaining an outside temporary employee to work less scheduled hours than their own full time employees.

In summary, while it’s not uncommon for a temp agency to hear responses from clients about being pricey or expensive, there are several different circumstances where partnering with a temp agency provides the most flexibility. After all, the billing stops exactly when the client chooses for the assignment to end.

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Employee Recognition Award: Pamela Grover

Posted on May 20, 2024

Employee Background:  The Finance/Accounting division of UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions is pleased to announce Pamela Grover as our latest Employee Recognition Program Honorable Mention.  Pamela came to UNIFORCE in December of 2023 and has worked with glowing reviews since that time.  Previously, Pamela worked as a Bookkeeper specializing in Accounts Payable and Credit/Collections for a large digital printing company.  She also spent time as a Bookkeeper / Accountant for a large consumer packaging manufacturer.  Pamela brought her relevant experience in the areas of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, general ledger accounting, and monthly account reconciliations.

Success Story:  Pamela is currently working on an indefinite assignment as an Accountant for a well established manufacturer of electrical components used in the manufacturing industry.  In her role, she is responsible for vendor compliance, accounting journal entries, bank recs, financial statement preparation and A/P & A/R.  Pamela handles accounting for the costs of goods sold for a huge inventory of electrical components.  Our client clearly values her as an essential member as she provides knowledge and experience with a variety of systems and accounting entries.  Pamela has the ability to handle a high volume of financial management.  The UNIFORCE team appreciates a positive & long standing professional relationship with Pamela, and we wish her many years of success in his career!!

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UNIFORCE named on the Forbes 2024 List of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms

Posted on May 13, 2024

UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions is proud to be named on the Forbes 2024 List of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. UNIFORCE was named # 160 out of 200 firms nationally.

To create Forbes lists of the top recruiting firms in the country, Forbes partnered with market research firm Statista to survey more than 9,300 recruiters, HR or hiring managers, and employees with recent experience working with a recruiting firm. Last year’s survey responses were also incorporated into the analysis with a lower weighting. The firms with the most recommendations made it onto our rankings. The executive recruiting list includes the top 150 companies that specialize in filling positions with salaries of at least $100,000; the professional recruiting list consists of the top 200 companies that specialize in filling positions with salaries of less than $100,000; the temp staffing list includes the top 175 companies that focus on matching job candidates with employers for temporary and contract positions.

As with all Forbes lists, companies pay no fee to participate or be selected. The lists are based primarily on survey responses from more than 9,300 recruiters, HR or hiring managers, and employees with recent experience working with a recruiting firm. Last year’s survey responses were also incorporated into the analysis at a lower weighting. Ultimately, the firms with the most recommendations landed on the lists, including 150 companies on the executive search list, 200 on the professional search list and 175 companies on the temporary staffing list.

See the full Forbes 2024 List: America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms

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The State of New Jersey Continues to Enforce Temporary Help / Employment Agency Registration

Posted on May 02, 2024

Since 1951, the state of New Jersey has required that any employment agency, headhunter, consulting firm or home health agency operating as a business in the state register with the Division of Consumer Affairs. Over the years, the state has not actively enforced compliance or registration to the thousands of firms that conduct operations in New Jersey. Not until the New Jersey Temporary Worker Bill of Rights was enacted in late 2023, has the state fully ramped up its audit of staffing firms and mandated the enforcement of employer registration.

According to the Division of Consumer Affairs, “any person who operates a business that employs individuals directly or indirectly for the purpose of assigning the employed individual to assist the firm’s customers in handling work loads” is required to register as a licensed temporary help service firm. In doing so, the state is monitoring New Jersey temporary employment agency unfair trade practices.

A company, hospital, or medical practice that works with an employment agency should verify that its temporary help employment agency vendor or partner is registered with the state. A client that works with only a registered staffing firm has a measure of protection and compliance. The state requires employment agency compliance with regards to insurance, financial charters/ownership, as well as legal documentation. It also monitors company complaints and violations.

Any company can verify if a temporary help employment agency is registered with the state of New Jersey by clicking on the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Search Tool.

Temporary employment agencies that fail to register and comply with the state face the following potential violations and penalties.

  • Being requried to refund payments made from clients
  • Being required to pay reasonalbe attoreney fees for any ligitaion
  • Being required to pay a $2,000 penalty for the intiail violation and a $5,000 penalty for every subseuqent fiolation
  • The revocation of a New Jersey corporate charter

Since people are the most important asset to any organization, it’s important to partner with a stable and licensed employment agency that provides its own employees according to state guidelines. Why risk working with a temporary employment agency where its greatest assets can be taken away?

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An employment agency’s thoughts on job seeker ghosting

Posted on Apr 19, 2024

The U.S. job market is still strong with a national unemployment rate of 3.8%. While that number is a popular statistic running across all media channels, it may not feel that way to every job seeker. There are several industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare that are hiring. In some other areas such as finance and accounting, technology, and marketing, there are smaller pockets of hiring.

Regardless of the hiring trends, in today’s environment, a job seeker can utilize several channels to find employment. There are a variety of job boards, job search engines, social media platforms, and employment agencies promoting open job opportunities to a wide mass of job seekers who they never met or engaged with before. How should a job seeking candidate engage with a potential employer? While there are many answers and several steps, one common tactic that many candidates poorly pursue where employers are getting way too familiar with is Candidate Ghosting.

Ghosting is the process where the job seeker or candidate miraculously disappears during the employment application process with the employer. The ghosting usually takes place after the point of candidate engagement where the candidate has been either granted an official client job interview or even in some cases, an official job offer and start date. For their own reason, the candidate decides not to respond to the employment agency. They would rather abandon the process than simply give a reason for cancelling a job interview or employment offer. Running away from a professional career opportunity is their preferred option.

An employment agency is a licensed direct employer that employs a job seeker on assignment as an official W-2 employee on record. Some employment agencies employ job seekers in multiple states or all 50 states. Since employment agencies service multiple clients in a variety of disciplines such as finance, information technology, or healthcare, staffing firms deal with a variety of job seekers with diverse backgrounds.

No matter what job order requisition that an employment agency handles, there are candidates who still ghost or disappear during the employment application process. Why does this happen? There are many reasons. Many of which that are difficult to answer. Some candidates may feel that employment agencies are not real employment partners due to the transactional nature of the business. Some candidates may feel that the job may not be a real open job, but a bait and switch tactic to bring in the job seeker’s resume. Some candidates may also feel that the staffing firms is not really listening to the career objectives of the job seeker.

Whatever the case may be, an employment agency should build and develop trust with its candidates. The interview should be a fact finding mission to discover what really motivates the job seeker to take their next job opportunity. Follow up skills are important as the job seeker and employment agency should be able to contact each other within 24 hours via email or phone. An employment agency needs to be honest and available.

Now even when an employment agency communicates with a candidate with the highest level of professionalism in its interviewing and engagement, candidates still ghost staffing firms. Below is a list of some of the negative effects on the job seeker as a result of Ghosting:

Candidates who ghost will:

  1. Lose out on the opportunity to work again on any future job order with an employment agency. Most staffing firms have centralized applicant tracking systems. They share the same data and recruiters can mark a candidate as a “Do Not Use.”
  2. Obtain an overall bad reputation. Recruiters change jobs too and work at other employment agencies. They may remember a candidate name with a reputation of ghosting. The outcome is getting added to the blacklist of a second or third or fourth employment agency.
  3. Damage relationships with the clients of the staffing firm. If a candidate was submitted to a client of an employment agency, that client has your name. When the candidate ghosts the agency, they also ghost the client. The bad reputation spider web has grown.
  4. Negatively impact their own employee brand for the long term. Life has its ups and downs, and a candidate never knows when to expect the unexpected. Keeping a clean job seeker or employee brand is important. When life changes and one really needs the assistance of an employment agency, help may not be available.

Unfortunately, ghosting will never cease to exist, but employment agencies can implement some candidate recruitment process controls to mitigate those outcomes. An employment agency should add some quality control check points during its recruitment. One idea is to allow the candidate some time to think about whether they really want to interview or apply for a position. Request that they call you back at a specific time on a specific date with their decision. Another idea is to schedule an interview prep call via video (Zoom or MS Teams) where the employment agency and candidate meet in person to review the interview with the client. If the candidate does not appear for the video prep call, it’s time to cancel the interview with the client.

USA Today recently posted an article called “Is it bad to ghost low priority potential employers?” where the CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society. Very timely and worth the read.

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UNIFORCE Employee Recognition: Keith Bruggemann

Posted on Mar 07, 2024

Employee Background:  The Information Technology division of UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions is pleased to announce Keith Bruggemann as our latest Employee Recognition Program Honorable Mention.  Keith came to UNIFORCE in September of 2023 and has worked with glowing reviews since that time.  Previously, Keith worked as a Systems Administrator specializing in Cyber Security for the United States Department of Interior.  He also spent time as Senior Help Desk Analyst for a large Hospital providing Active Directory network and desktop support.  Keith brought his relevant experience in the areas of enterprise project deployment, network security, routing/switching, desktop support, as well as help desk customer service.

Success Story:  Keith is currently working on an indefinite assignment as a Level 2 IT Network Support Specialist for a large international tool & construction equipment manufacturer.  In his role, he is responsible for MS 365 , Windows hardware support, Server Patches/Upgrades and Enterprise project management.  Keith handles systems admin. and desktop support at a large Florida-based Production facility with a variety of Windows machines.  Our client clearly values him as an essential member as he provides knowledge and experience with a variety of platforms and windows based technology devices.  Keith has the ability to support a group of customers with a diverse background in technical skills.  He addresses technical support needs individually with exceptional level of service.  The UNIFORCE team appreciates a positive & long standing professional relationship with Keith, and we wish him many years of success in his career!!

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Why would anyone want to work an accounting temp job?

Posted on Feb 21, 2024

Temp agencies with a presence in many states such as Florida, New York, and New Jersey as well as other states provide temp jobs on all different levels to employees seeking an accounting or finance opportunity that matches their career objectives.  Accounting Temp jobs are always in demand.  Businesses are constantly looking for employees, especially in an environment where the unemployment rate is so low.

A very common tool for bringing on employees full time is through a temp-to-hire or temp-to-perm hiring strategy. In this case, an employer has the budget approval to add full time headcount, but in the short term, prefer to retain an employee via the temp-to-hire method. Employment agencies, such as UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions, confirm that over 75% of their active job order requisitions are in fact, temp-to-hire. Temping is now a major path towards direct hire or “permanent” employee status.

In January 2024, the unemployment rate ticked up from a year earlier to 3.7 percent. Therefore, in order to keep up with hiring demands, companies are adding temp jobs in order to hire people more quickly than they can with a full time hire.  The truth of the matter is that an employer usually can bring on an accounting temp or consultant much more quickly than a full time employee.  Human Resources departments typically have a strict approach to hiring and timelines can be long due to on boarding, background checks, and multiple lines of approval. A job seeker should understand that they can wait less time to get hired and start towards a temp or temp-to-hire career.

A temp job allows job seekers to be hired for a specific period or extended period of time.  Companies request temporary positions when they are in need of assistance immediately, due to a vacancy.  Hiring managers don’t have to get approval from the central Human Resources department most times. In many cases, the temp job in an accounting department has a specific start date and possible end date.  Some reasons for the term or period could be due a maternity leave, a leave of absence, an employee resignation, or an upcoming project. 

Working through a temp agency allows all kinds of people to gain experience in the workforce. For example, a finance/accounting retiree looking to reenter the workforce may take a temp job to ease their way back into the workplace.  Furthermore, a college student on summer break may perform a temp job in order to build up their resume over those few months.  Temp jobs in New Jersey and other states offer convenience to the needs of people in their current stage of life. Expanding knowledge and learning a new trade or skill on-the-job is only beneficial to a person looking to develop a career.. 

In full transparency, taking on an accounting temp job shows an individual’s dedication because an employee is committing to a position for a specific period of time.  Sometimes starting smaller may lead to bigger positions in the future.  As one works diligently as a temp, employers will notice one’s strong work ethic. Working in a temp job provides immediate visibility and also gets one’s name out to other departments within an organization.  Additionally, more companies will notice one’s resume due to the additional experience and software skills acquired.  These experiences in a temp job will lead to connections with future employers.  Doors can only open for a full time position or internal promotion.

It’s important to understand that not all temp jobs stay temporary. As discussed, the temp-to-hire option can occur when the company finally realizes that the temp is thriving in the role. A good lesson to learn why a job seeker would want to work as a temp is that “you have to be in it to win it.”  Employers really like to “try before they buy.”  

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UNIFORCE: Employee Recognition Award: Jenny Gardner

Posted on Jan 18, 2024

Employee Background:  The Information Technology division of UNIFORCE Staffing Solutions is pleased to announce Jenny Gardner as our latest Employee Recognition Program Honorable Mention.  Jenny came to UNIFORCE in August of 2023 and has worked with glowing reviews since that time.  Previously, Jenny worked as a Field Service Technician for a large computer and office solutions technology integration company.  She also spent time as a copier, printer, and fax machine repair technician where she handled systems project management.  Jenny brought her relevant experience in the areas of multifunction printer customer support and hardware on-hands technical support.

Success Story:  Jenny is currently working on a long-term remote assignment from Florida as a Product Technical Support Specialist for a large international New Jersey based consumer electronics company. In her role, she is responsible for multi-function printer and visual display technical support. She handles incoming phone calls from clients and third-party integrators to support technical issues with these devices.   Our client clearly values Jenny as an essential member as she consistently provides her knowledge and experience with a variety of hardware technology devices.  Jenny has the ability to support a diverse group of customers with a wide background in technical skills. She addresses each customer’s technical support needs individually with the same exceptional level of customer support.  The UNIFORCE team appreciates a positive and long standing professional relationship with Jenny, and we wish her many more years of success in her career!!

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